Swiss Pro+

Why Swiss Pro?


We are known around the world in more than 46 Countries for our eco friendly cookware.

We are always fine tuning our kitchen products so cooks can enjoy cooking and making the cleanup process quick and simple.


Cooking is something we all do on a daily basis. The last thing you want is for a meal to be ruined because of the pan it was cooked in.


Swiss Pro+ has taken the stress out of cooking with one of the many cooking utensils we offer. Our PFOA free cookware does not require high heat for cooking. Simply put the stove on medium heat and the pan will do the rest. When heating oil it only takes a small amount for cooking dishes. Not all customers are the same and neither are our non stick pots and pans.


From the stainless steel that heats up nicely and holds the heat in so the food stays nice and hot to the Marble Coated Pans that are non-stick with easy to grip handles. Our kitchen products are offered in sets or individually. We have you covered in the kitchen at all times.


Many companies offer non-stick cookware surfaces that tend to start flaking off. Here at Swiss Pro+ , we believe in many steps for protecting the non-stick coating. Each surface has an external coating followed by a Food Grade Alu. Next, we add the first layer, which is a base coating that is sealed with a second layer known as the non-stick coating. In order to keep everything in place and sealed tightly, we add a third layer which is the Marble Coating. All these layers put us above the flakey competition.  


Using bakeware can sometimes be a horrible experience. Nothing worse than a cake sticking and coming out of the pan in a million pieces. With our nonstick bakeware that is not only eco friendly but also non toxic, your cakes will pop out in one piece every time. Not only can you bake in the pans, but you can roast in them also. The heat is evenly dispersed throughout the dish so everything cooks evenly. When washing the cookware it only takes a little bit of water since the non-stick bottoms are high quality. The upkeep is very simple for keeping the non-stick surface lasting for many years. A little vegetable oil every once in a while will keep the pans working like new.


With our PFOA free non stick pots and pans we have gone even further in helping out all the cooks. Our knife sets are made with the same non-stick material our cookware is. Chop or cut through anything and never worry about needing to stop and peel food from the blades again!


Here at Swiss Pro+, we are 100% Bio Organic, 100% Eco Friendly. Our non-stick bottom cookware is PFOA free, which helps keep diseases from entering the food and finding their way to your family! Our products also have passed LFGB testing and are ready to conquer any stove. We take all things seriously when it comes to our kitchenware and offer easy to use kitchen products that are durable, eco friendly and non toxic.